dataYou may be one of the many PC and laptop users who tend to panic when drives and data disappear in an instant. Maybe this happened because you have pressed the Delete button by accident, had no choice but to take out the files that can’t be opened or are virus-affected, or performed a reformatting operation that the files had to be gone as an effect. Hard drive and partition recovery seemed so impossible, yes?

The good news is, you can actually get them back and feel a lot better afterwards – thanks to a software product called Hetman Partition Recovery. The software, which supports both FAT and NTFS used in all Windows versions including 8.1, basically allows you to recover files and folders from damaged disks and repair storage problems. To be specific, the software can recover all these:

  • Deleted files
  • Deleted information caused by formatting
  • Files that were deleted permanently
  • Deleted information caused by system failure
  • Corrupted or inaccessible files and folders

Hetman Partition Recovery was created by Hetman Software, an established software sales and development firm since 2006. They hold offices in California and Vancouver, and data recovery is their primary specialization. They offer solutions for the recovery of hard drives, partitions, Windows and Microsoft Office files, and digital photos as well as repair of corrupted files.

As its official product page states, the software can restore all missing, damaged and deleted files that were created as MS Word or Open Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, raw and edited photos, compressed ZIP and RAR files, audio files and videos. It is user-friendly with its step-by-step File Recovery Wizard and an interface that would remind you of Windows Explorer. Hence, this is one supertool that is a practical buy at only $99.99.

Click here to watch a video tutorial on this amazing software prior to your purchase.


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Ryan Cervantes