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Parenting can’t always be perfect, regardless of owning all bestselling self-help books and mastering facts gathered from regular research via the Internet. Not all passed-on and easily accessible techniques work well with every mom and dad in the world. There are still a lot to be learned that are not in books and manuals about the usual parenting issues like dealing with hard-to-feed children, tantrums, and separation anxiety…

…until a new parenting program was released and changed the lives of many parents, especially moms, forever – introducing Mommy Jingles.

Mommy Jingles is what we would initially think as just the ordinary, but as shown in the official homepage video, it stresses that music serves as great help for parents in speaking to their children particularly during the infancy and toddler stages. We grownups can even memorize words and understand stories and messages much easier when we sing than read and we would have fun doing so, hence this musical parenting program starts the trend of transforming regular parenting chores into fun and learning activities with songs and soft chants that are better than lullabies.

Parents like you can turn to Mommy Jingles’ musical parenting tools as your day to night support for more pleasant instead of stressful and sleepless experiences. It is an online video course complete with reminder cards, a lyrics book and audio practice centers as stated in the homepage video by creator Amy Robbins-Wilson. This soft-spoken author is also a mother, school counselor and teacher who has trained early childhood teachers on the proper of use of music in interactions with daycare and preschool kids, plus a Master’s Degree holder for both Music and Expressive Arts Therapy courses. Amy did her research wherein she was able to discover how powerful music is as compared to speech in brain motivation, especially during a child’s first three years of development.

Amy’s ultimate goal for her program is to make mothers the best first teachers of their own children with a distinct musical mothering style that is nagging-free and means more sleep and peace of mind. If you’re a mom who’s thinking of getting this program for your own personal use, you don’t have to sound as good as Rihanna or Taylor Swift to make the program work, because a baby would always be comforted by the mom’s voice based on the strong bond they share. If the program is not effective in your case for the price of $47, and the video testimonials of Dr. Susan Sheridan (early childhood expert/author/researcher) and the new mom customer interviewed for this purpose are still not enough to justify its effectiveness, a 100% money-back guarantee will be granted for 60 days.

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