mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers a.k.a. secret shoppers do exist, and their job is being envied by others but it is something we can do during our most convenient time in nearby places. You get an assignment from a mystery shopping company a few days/weeks/months after you register with them (depends on your profile and interests), you perform the assignment just like what you normally do while shopping – either by inquiring about or paying for a certain product or service (you just have to be more observant and remember every detail of your visit), fill out a questionnaire online with your honest yet objective insights – comments and suggestions – and in some cases, attach required photos or documents that you got from the customer service staff, then you get your shopper’s fee after careful review and approval of your questionnaire.

If you have heard of this kind of concept, have done mystery shopping, or this is totally new to you but you have experience earning from taking online surveys and using product samples, the Mystery Shopping Secrets course can help you be good or even better at it. In the online video, the benefits of mystery shopping are stressed through examples and testimonials and you can earn from $3 a week/$13 a month/$156 a year to $3,640 a week/$15,773 a month/$189,280 a year in total depending on how much work you can handle. Aside from full-time housewives and retirees, mystery shopping is also a good way for students and employees to earn extra income. The course consists of materials (books and video disk) that will open your mind to the types of mystery shopping that you can choose from, where in your area you can actually go and do them, how to apply for mystery shopping jobs, and which companies offer attractive compensation for mystery shoppers.

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Ryan Cervantes