Can you just imagine that you can actually learn the art of frugal shopping through discount coupons as a step-by-step system, and this can change your life forever? You can have fun buying your needs and even your wants at a total price you can definitely afford. This blog entry explains all the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and 1 H (How) on how such kind of lifestyle habit can give you that strong purchasing power.

A devoted and practical wife and mom, Janet Wright created Power Couponing Secrets as the ultimate solution to shopping problems that are inevitable among single parents and couples with kids. Almost all of us are constantly on the hunt and would enjoy a perfect bargain. It would be really nice to have more than enough money left to pay the bills, buy for other household stuff and save for the future. That’s now far from impossible, considering Janet’s main objective for this program.

In her official promotional website, Janet gives eye-popping examples of the purchases she made with their corresponding actual retail and markdown prices (the big advantage you’d get with Power Couponing Secrets). It contains interesting details on a simple 3-step formula plus strategies and trivia that are tried and tested to change the way you spend on necessities and luxury items…she makes purchasing an item or more at 90% off the total price more often sound so basic.

Janet guarantees that you can no longer say you have no spare cash for community donations, home renovations, out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacations, dream weddings and hosting parties. The whole program for $27 is composed of must-reads related to:

  • web and social media sites that publish the best deals
  • misleading grocery offers
  • preparing for worst case shopping scenarios
  • organized stockpiling
  • dining and living rich without overspending
  • apps to use
  • mystery shopping
  • big savings on produce

You can try before you buy today. Click here for your 60-day free trial.



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Ryan Cervantes