stage fright


It does happen even to the best of us sometimes – experiencing stage fright, having self-doubt and stammering during a public speaking event. You may wonder if you look good for them to like you, your talk won’t make them bored or disappointed, you won’t forget what you’re supposed to discuss, and you’ll be able to sell your product successfully by using your own voice to get your message across. This was the dilemma of radio show host, actor and consultant Lori Dean, which she calls “The Speakers’ Nightmare”. She then would prefer to be an actor and establish an alter ego where she gets paid to pretend, than be her real self and deliver a talk to people especially her fans in every speaking engagement she gets invited to. This paved the way for her latest project, The Sacred Spit-less Speaker’s Solution.

Lori’s public speaking guide comes in the form of a six-part audio series with a workbook that helps you track your progress. Her own experiences and struggles as a celebrity gave her that needed credibility and knowledge to give you the tips and tricks on how to create a speaker-audience connection in a snap, promote yourself and your product with ease, convince people to listen and understand your point, mastering the importance and real power of public speaking, creating and using your unique voice in the proper manner and timing, and the art of sharing your story and making a sale without any trace of hard-selling.

The Sacred Spit-less Speaker’s Solution gives you a chance to be a rock star public speaker by knowing and believing in yourself and being less conscious about your mistakes (because celebrities do make mistakes, yet they can bounce back and still get their fans to stick with them). For only $27, re-invent your image with the 6-part audio and workbook guide (actual worth of this set is $100) plus a freebie called Rockstar Radio System (valued at $600, focusing on effective storytelling and dealing with tension like a pro). Know more about it today.


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Ryan Cervantes