If you’re a long-time golfer yet you’re still not satisfied with the way you play, it can be because you’re not taking care of your body. Treat your own body as a major sports equipment that can make or break your performance. Proper conditioning will help you deal with fatigue more effectively especially when you stand and walk for a long time at the golf course, and when you use your muscles to swing that club. Otherwise, you easily feel tired, become irritable, and get out of focus.

As a solution, a fitness program specifically designed for golf players is essential to have the right skills – strength, endurance, balance, stability, power and flexibility – at the right levels. With 20 years of experience and counting as golf fitness trainer, Chris Ownbey created a disc collection for the kind of fitness system that will change the way or even convince you to do golf warm up regularly. Being sold as Golf Fitness, what makes the program a must-buy are:

  • the self-help videos that discuss the importance of pre-game stretching
  • well-balanced nutrition when both on and off course
  • staying fit when traveling for a tournament and more

There’s also a bonus video on Motion Training  (e.g. the right posture, the right moves) when you buy the whole set. All videos can be viewed anytime, anywhere using an iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Chris does have a point: you as a golfer would have thought of spending more money on golf clubs and other needed gear, country club memberships and participation in tournaments. However your sports-minded personality may have taken the requirement of putting more attention to your body, first and foremost, for granted.

Positive testimonials on Golf Fitness from Chris’ students flood the official product website, that the program delivers as one that can make the sport pain-free and it is indeed, value-for-money. You can start getting involved in the program today for only $57 (with bonus items) and just in case it doesn’t work for you, Chris offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Ryan Cervantes